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I struggled for years with sensitive skin. My skin was sore, red and dry even after treating it with store-bought moisturizers and creams. I had a bathroom cupboard filled with skin-care products and none of them worked.


When I started to do research, I found out how harmful some ingredients could be. Chemicals, fillers and synthetics inside loosely regulated skin-care products were likely causing me harm. I did find products that were cleaner, but companies were charging hundreds of dollars for them.


After doing more research and talking to many industry experts who were invested in quality ingredients for skin care, I realized that beauty didn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


I combined pure, botanical ingredients that through my research, I knew could benefit my skin. Soon the redness, tightness and irritation were gone. I had soft, smooth and hydrated skin. I gave my creations to friends and family who had experienced similar skin problems, and soon had requests for more. That’s when I knew I wanted to make these products available to anyone, and Barefoot Naturals was born.


Since then I’ve refined my formulas to ensure the combinations not only remain all-natural and botanical, but provide glowing outcomes for skin. My commitment to affordability, and pure ingredients remains unchanged. I believe clean cosmetics with high quality ingredients, that don’t harm our earth or its inhabitants, should be more available. If you’ve been looking for simple skin products that really work, I invite you to try Barefoot Naturals.


-Bethany Russell, Founder Barefoot Naturals


“U.S. researchers report that one in eight of the 82, 000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors” – David Suzuki Foundation


Do you use clay in your soap?

We focus on moisturizing dry and sensitive skin; clay, while pretty and colourful and used as an exfoliant, can cause skin irriation and may be too abrasive and drying for skin.  We don't use dyes and we scent with essential oils, not perfumes, to ensure an all-natural state. 


How do you make your soap?


We make our soap through a cold process, which means we hand-craft our products and know exactly what ingredients are included.

How do you scent your soap?


We know sensitive skin, so we use 100%  all-natural essential oils that complement the base oils and work well for the most challenging skin.

Can I order custom gifts or products?


We know some people like to give gifts or order in small batches, so we're happy to work with you and customize for your needs.

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