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Carefully crafted oils that balance your skins complexion and renews radiance. This blend of oils has earthy scents of lemon and carrot; both help to fight sun spots, restore skin to a lustrous state by increasing skin-cell regeneration, and hydrate, to give you a supple and sunny glow. 

Lemon and Carrot Illuminating Face Serum

  • A rich formula that fights to give your skin the most hydration and moisture. Enjoy the lightly scented and earthy aromas of lemon and carrot that work to give your skin that extra brightening boost. Formulated with fast absorbing oils that penetrate deep within to nourish and renew your skins softness. A little goes a long way, too! A few pumps of the face serum and you will feel the difference right away. No greasy feel, just soft and smooth skin that leaves you with a glow!   

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