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Amber glass bottles for skincare

Amber glass bottles don’t just give our treatments a pretty face; they protect the integrity of our products and keep our healthy ingredients fresh. There are a few good reasons Barefoot Naturals uses amber glass bottles:

1. They protect skincare products against sunlight –Photo-oxidation, caused by the sun’s UV rays, can change the components of the contents inside a bottle or cause ingredients to spoil. Amber bottles throw shade (in a good way), allowing the shelf-life of products to be preserved.

2. Glass is good for the earth - Glass is not only cheaper, which allows us to put our money into good-quality ingredients, but it’s also recyclable.

3. They reduce exposure to harmful chemicals – using glass instead of plastic, which contains hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA, ensures that no harmful chemicals leach into our products. Remember, the skin is the largest organ and whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.

4. Essential oils need protection – Essential oils do not become rancid, but they can deteriorate over time. Some may lose their aroma (although some also mature with age), but all essential oils oxidize and their beneficial properties may deteriorate. Amber bottles will delay this process.

To further improve the shelf-life, and protect the integrity of the ingredients in your Barefoot Natural products, be sure to store them in a cool, dark place. It’s not necessary, but keeping them refrigerated is also beneficial.

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