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Just Say No To Plastic

Research studies have shown that exposure to BPA, a chemical found in many plastics, can be detrimental to human health. Evidence of links between BPA and high blood pressure, heart disease, breast cancer, infertility, erectile dysfunction and more have been found in animals and humans through several research studies. This has prompted many companies to remove BPA from their plastic products. That’s a good first step, but even if BPA is removed, can we be sure that plastic is safe?

According to a recent study published by Environmental Health Perspectives, the answer is no. This study highlights the fact that plastics, even those that are BPA free, contain chemicals that have estrogenic activity (EA), which can cause hormone disrupting effects. In the study, researchers tested over 500 plastic products and found that all of them: “produce an increase in circulating estrogen, which in turn can cause problems such as early puberty in females, reduced sperm counts, altered function of the reproductive organs, obesity, increased rates of certain cancers and problems with infant and childhood development.”

Barring the negative effects to human health, plastic is causing some major damage to the environment. Microplastic pollution in our oceans, for example, is a significant issue with no immediate solution. The number of tiny plastic pieces polluting the world’s oceans is much worse than we thought and can cause harm to marine life and also be consumed by humans through seafood.

Plastic Pollution

At Barefoot Naturals, we’ve made a choice to say no to plastic. Our glass containers ensure that our products remain pure and safe for our consumers, can be easily recycled and cause as little impact to the environment as possible.

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